Mevo HaShemesh Park Ramat Bet Shemesh C1, Bet Shemesh, 2018


In this project, subtle design interventions have accomplished a major achievement: making unmediated nature experience not only accessible but also meaningful to the local community by connecting it to their core values.

BEFORE: a piece of wilderness perceived as wasteland, vulnerable to being built over to serve a community that is undergoing dense development and tends to put low priority on nature or ecological values.

AFTER: a thriving park with wilderness at its center, cherished and protected by the people who live there. The park speaks to the Orthodox community in their own language: as People of the Book, they prioritize exegesis of text and decoding of textual hints and riddles. In response, the park is seeded with encoded Hebrew texts referring to the surrounding. This makes being in nature a game for children that the adults can feel deeply good about. The park has become the precious heart of the neighborhood, suffused with value. Residents refer to it as “the ecological park,” adopting vocabulary that would have been foreign to them in the past.

Photo Gallery

Ram Eisenberg describes the design process of the park


Status: Done

Years: 2010-2018

Size: 42 Dunam

Team: Yonatan Havazelet

Client: Ministry of Construction and

           Housing of Israel

Project Manager: Asher Olenik Engineering co.


Orthodox culture specialist: Avi Ashriel 


Traditional Horticulture: Amit Pompan


Agronomist: Rakefet Hadar Gabay

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