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Acre Light-House Plaza Acre Old City, 2021


In a project initiated by the city of Acre and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, REED designed a multi-purpose civic plaza that will connect the residents of the old city with the seafront, creating an active gathering place for dining, socializing and public events.  
The plaza will be covered with quarried stone echoing the building materials of the old city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A series of layered platforms on the seaside of the plaza, set the stage for a theatrical view of the Mediterranean, while doubling as a protective structure from flooding caused by the winter surf. 


Status: Completed

Years: 2017 - 2021

Size: 5 Dunam

Team: Yonatan Havazelet

           Zohar Aranyi

Client: Old Acre Development         

           Company LTD

Project Manager: Eran Levite, TMR

Ram Eisenberg describes the design process of the park

Flooding solution

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