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Ram Eisenberg Environmental Design - REED - is situated in Haifa, Israel. Founded in 2002 by Ram Eisenberg and Amnon Shavit, REED is the winner of the Rokach Prize (2010) the IALA prize (2015), and Karavan Prize (2016), Israel’s most prestigious landscape architecture awards, as well as EDRA’s Great Places Award (2018).



Our office deals with various scales of landscape architecture design, from detailed designs to regional masterplans. We design contextually, the concept emerging out of a deep understanding of the local elements and stakeholders. Our design process is participatory, adopting a position of deep listening, care, observation and constant awareness of processes in the making.

We see the connection with place, and the honoring of what exists as the key to the success of a project. We attempt to rely as much as possible on local knowledge, and specialize in facilitating participatory planning processes, sustainable development designs, and the making of places for natural ecosystems to flourish in the urban environment.



Founding director, Ram Eisenberg is a designer, researcher and teacher, leading integrative research projects in the fields of urban landscapes, wellbeing, designed wilderness and participatory planning. He is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the Technion, Israel’s leading design and technology educational institution, where he is responsible for the technical design courses, studio courses, and the introduction of innovative courses integrating practices of wellbeing, focusing and Thinking At the Edge with the art of landscape design.

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