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Alon Compound (Bitzaron) Tel Aviv, 2020


A residential project of a 28-floor housing tower in Bizzaron neighborhood in the east part of Tel Aviv.

In the urban renewal process from an old garage to a new housing tower, REED decided to copy a big Delonix Regia tree, stood on the future tower footprint, and returned it to the site as the core of the new building’s garden.

The landscape plan, designed on the roof of five floors of underground parking, developed a unique series of benches to enabling fresh air to reach the underground levels with no significant interference to the public space function or visuality.

The landscape plan is designed as two areas connected by a group of stairs. The first, headed to its surrounding streets, performs as a green public open space with small grass hills used for resting and playing and paved paths of concrete tiles connecting its parts.

The second, more interior and far from the streets, is a quiet and intimate place for the building residents and the rest of the public, built as a bamboo deck path and surrounded by colorful vegetation.

This area also serves as the fifth façade for the residents of the 28 floors housing tower.

In this developing commercial district, which is hardscaping most of its public spaces, the design is a small injection of greenery much needed for its users.


Status: Completed

Years: 2011-2020

Size:  6.500 Sqm

REED Lead Arch: Yaron Zelnik,

Zohar Aranyi

Client: Tidhar

Special Team: KNEKASH

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