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Arad Desert Streams Arad, 2018


The city of Arad is situated in the south of Israel on top of a mountain range overlooking the dramatic views of the Judean Desert, 25 km west of the Dead Sea. REED was invited to prepare a conservation masterplan for a vast desert terrain impacted by urban development and tourism. Our approach was based on the premise that by re-embracing the desert, and increasing the perceived value of the surrounding ecology it is possible to ensure long term environmental preservation.

The design calls for increasing the contrast between the built environment and the desert: restoring disturbed areas along the city’s periphery, and intensifying the verdant feeling of existing and new urban parks and streets.  A logistical route serving the city’s sewage system will be transformed into circular desert promenade, an opportunity  for enhancing physical and cognitive accessibility to/of the desert.


Status: Completed

Years: 2016-2018

Size: 10,800 Hectares

REED Lead Arch: Oded Gal

Client: Dead Sea Drainage Authority


Drainage Authority: Emri Brikner

Environmental Planner: Dana Roded

Ecologist: Dr. Guy Rotem, Ecology-Wise

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