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Bai't Ba-Park Or Yehuda, 2020 -


The "Bai't ba-Park" (House in the Park) neighborhood, which will be the home of about 2,350 families, is in the heart of the demand area and the mass transport lines. For the residents of the neighborhood, "House in the Park" is not only the name of the neighborhood in which they chose to build their homes, but also the future they choose for themselves. "At home in the park", is the feeling that the open space gives us. The park enters through the window while eating breakfast, expands our home in the afternoon and in winter and keeps us safe. The way to work, to school, to the kindergarten or the grocery goes through various experiences and opportunities. it is possible to go straight or around, enjoy the sun or the shade of trees, walk fast, or run. Like home, the park has many rooms, and each room has its unique character: playroom, living room, kitchen, the terrace, and the imaginary world of the attic or under the table. The park provides many opportunities for social meetings or solitary moments, for play and enjoyment. From meditating in the grove to community activities in the garden or the common work areas. In the winter, the park can become a stream, and then a temporary pool, a celebration for the weather lovers that lets us participate and observe the powers of nature, closely touching, or from our home window.


Status: In Progress

Years: 2020 - 

Size:  7.2 Hectare

REED Lead Arch: Yonatan Havazelet

                             Noy Har-Chen

                             Lana Khoury

Client: Or Yehuda

Develompment Company

Special Team:

Kiryat Sefer Park - Photo Album

Photo Gallery

Ram Eisenberg describes the design process of the park





May 2018

Kiryat Sefer Park, Tel Aviv, Israel by Ram Eisenberg

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