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HaShomron Compound Tel Aviv, 2019


An urban renewal project located in the heart of southern Tel Aviv. The abandoned central bus station, which functioned as a national crossroads for public transport passengers, lost its premiere, in the 1990s, to a new station 500 meters away. The shops, craftsmen and booths gave way to drug dealers, sex workers and immigrants. The public image of the area turned negative and became a representation of poverty and negligence in Tel Aviv.  
The plan reveals hidden values such as well houses and old trees and it repairs the injured tissue in the process. Through the organization process of public spaces and maximizing shade using trees, the design enhances walkability and connectivity as keys to urbanism in a new mixed-use district. 


Status: Completed

Years: 2014 -2 019

Size: 7.8 Hectare

REED Lead Arch: Ram Eisenber, Yaron Zelnik, Zohar Aranyi 

Client: Tel Aviv Municipality

Special Team: Ethos Group - Michal battat, sharon Levi

Location: Hashomron Compound Tel Aviv



Kiryat Sefer Park, Tel Aviv, Israel by Ram Eisenberg
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