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Central Business District Holon Holon, 2020 - 


This is an urban planning project for a new Central Business District (CBD) located on the municipal border of the cities Holon and Tel Aviv, in the southern part of the Tel-Aviv metropolis.
The historic northern entrance of the city of Holon has an important place in the communal memory of its citizens, specifically the green pastoral view and iconic Kugel square.

A new mass transportation HUB and a Metro station plan in this area forced this plan to transform this communal memory into a new high-density commercial district. The base for the design is a green pedestrian-oriented space, which honor this memory.
One of the bases of the project design was the presence of a winter pond on the site. This rare habitat is disappearing in Israel, especially in the Tel-Aviv metropolis.

REED decided to put the concept of “Ecological CBD” in the core structure of the design.
This decision provides this rare ecosystem with all it needs to develop and succeed. even though it does not flourish all year long.This high-density commercial district and the residents surrounding this park can benefit from a unique business quarter which provides a mass-transportation HUB, an open and green view and a large-scale ecological park within walking distance.


Status: In Progress

Years: 2020 -

Size: 27 Hectare

REED Lead Arch: Zohar Aranyi

                             Lana Khoury

Client: Holon Municipality

Architecture: Barre Levie Architects & Urban Planners 

Ecology: Liav Shalem

Kiryat Sefer Park - Photo Album

Photo Gallery

Ram Eisenberg describes the design process of the park





May 2018

Kiryat Sefer Park, Tel Aviv, Israel by Ram Eisenberg

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