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Eilat Desert In-Sights Plan Eilat, 2021


Eilat is an international tourism hub located in the southern tip of Israel, bordering Egypt and Jordan. Situated in the Syrian African rift, along the shores of the Red Sea, the city is surrounded by breathtaking mountainous desert scenery. Historically, municipal planning initiatives were focused on the touristic heart of the city, the beach front and residential neighborhoods.

The municipality with the support of Israel’s Open Space Authority hired REED to lead the design team for a visionary masterplan that will define the relationship between the city’s built environment and the surrounding desert terrain.

The masterplan is intended to expand the palette of experiences available to Eilat’s residents and tourists, while establishing sustainable practices aimed at protecting the fragile ecological environment. A three phase participatory planning process will be implemented during 2020. 


Status: Completed

Years: 2019 - 2021

Size: 2250 Hctares

REED Lead Arch: Oded Gal

                             Anna Argoetti

Client: The Eilat Economic Co.

Kiryat Sefer Park - Photo Album
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