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Lev HaSharon Master Plan HaSharon plain, 2019 -


Lev HaSharon is a rural council situated in the Sharon, a fertile agricultural region north of Tel Aviv. REED is the landscape design consultant in a team creating a regional masterplan for an area under immense developmental pressure.

Inspired by the UN’s biospheric model, we are developing an “agrospheric”  model to be integrated in the masterplan. The model engages with seemingly ecological conflictual needs: the need to sustain ecological corridors through spatial continuity; the cultural desire to preserve agricultural heritage landscapes; and the economic needs of farmers to increase productivity through the integration of novel agricultural technologies and infrastructure.


Status: In Progress

Years: 2019 -

Size: 5500 Hectares

REED Lead Arch: Oded Gal

                             Anna Argoetti

Client: Regional Council Lev Hasharon

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