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Pri Megadim Nahalat Yitzhak, Tel Aviv, 2017 -

הדמייה: סטודיו 3DVision עבור שיכון ובינוי נדל"ן


Initiated in Tel Aviv by Israel’s leading real estate company Shikun & Binui,

Pri Megadim is a planned 25-story condominium. In this urban renewal project REED designed a park inspired by Tel Aviv’s historical ‘Gan Ya’acov’ garden.

A wide sidewalk extending into an urban grove with a multilevel playground situated behind it, act as attractors inviting the public into a garden that would otherwise be perceived as the exclusive domain of the condominium’s residents.

A network of trellises, columns, and cables support climbing plants that combined with dozens of newly planted trees will create over time a canopy of ambient shade and serve as a replacement habitat for local birds. Additional vegetal screens and integrated design interventions will aesthetically camouflage utilities and infrastructure situated along the perimeter of the building.


Status: In Progress

Years: 2017-

Size: 4,000 Sqm

REED Lead Arch: Yonatan Havazelet,

                             Lana Khoury

Client: Shikun & Binui Real Estate

Project Manager: Dani Talan, TYRN

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