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"Shade Away" Tel Aviv, 2018 (competition)


"Shade Away" – "Tzel-La-Derech"

Originally conceived for a competition initiated by Tel Aviv Municipality, the project is currently in the beta stage, with implementation planned for the summer of 2020.

REED adopted a mobile and nimble approach to the challenge of introducing shade to the city's streets. Inspired by the historical popularity of parasols and the current one for sharing-apps, we proposed a fusion of both. Parasol-hives housing dozens of parasols will be scattered in hundreds of junctions throughout the city. Pedestrians will pick up a "Shade Away" parasol, use it for the duration of their walk, and drop it off at a parasol-hive located near their destination. The parasols will be made of low-cost, durable and recyclable materials, and may double as mobile ad space for municipal events.


Years: In Progress

REED Lead Arch: Yonatan Havazelet

Client: Tel Aviv Municipality

Construction Engineer: Yaakov Livni

Industrial Designer: Stav Havazelet

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